Kerman, Iran
PROJECT: 2012-2013

Interior design of the restaurant in a classic style
The area: 5000 sq.m.

Its name - Bahrami Garden - the restaurant received from the name of the restaurateur and the inspiring dream of a garden or oasis among the hot Iranian desert.

Work on the project, the process of reconstruction and completion of the front part of the building was 18 months.
Due to the cultural and religious traditions of Iran, the building is designed in such a way as to divide the female and male halves for each of the floors. Since the restaurant can simultaneously run two weddings simultaneously, the architect suggested making two external staircases leading to a common balcony and to individual banquet halls.
The facade of the restaurant and interiors are decorated with travertine panels, for the installation of which specially invited Afghan masons. Marble floors, decorated with burgers and central medallions and inlaid with different rock types, are developed according to the author's drawings.

For the development of the landscape, the classic motifs of Italian villas are taken as a basis, where, like in Iranian culture, the center serves as water or a fountain. Fountain, as the main compositional center of the landscape, was given special attention: specially designed decorative elements, travertine balustrade, light and musical accompaniment for the water system.

In general, the restaurant does not have ostentation of luxury, excesses in the form of eye-catching gilding and stucco, the interiors are designed with restraint for their style. The main focus here is the following of the cultural Iranian traditions and the easy introduction of modern chic into the architectural appearance of the building.