SCANDILOFT apartment
The apartment is in a mixed style (Scandinavian style with loft elements) with bright accents in the interior

Design project of a 3-room apartment in a new building on Solomyanka, Kiev.
The projected area is 120 sq.m.

The project has been redeveloped: the living room and kitchen area have been combined, the hall and corridor have been redecorated, due to which the bathroom has been enlarged, and a separate dressing room and a storage room have been added.
The style of the interior was chosen in favor of the Scandinavian, but the elements of the loft are present in the form of finishing the walls for brick and concrete. Gray warm color in combination with decorative stucco "marmarino" and the texture of the tree of subdued tones lay like a background for bright color inclusions, gave the interior lightness and Scandinavian atmospheres.
Light scenarios in the apartment are thought out in such a way as to ensure the diversity of lighting and give it a decorative function.